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June 19, 2008

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In case you didn’t know, my blog is

And my new Hajj blog at


July 8, 2006

Getting LaTeX on OS X

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Well, you need LaTeX or some package to process your LaTeX files.
Since I’m running OSX I installed fink1.

Then as root or using sudo, I installed tetex (complete typesetting system). Open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tetex

Once, you have this, I think you can go from there. Use any old text editor and the command line to process your files. Suppose you have a file, first.tex, open up the terminal and type:
latex first.tex

This gives you a .dvi file. You can now create either a postscript file or pdf files as I have been doing:
dvipdfm first.dvi
I’m really not sure what the difference is between dvidpdf and dvipdfm. Maybe someone can tell me.

And voilà there is your first late file from tex.

Okay…you actually have to type proper commands in there but we’ll get to that.

Even though using any old text editor is fine, it would be advisable to get a nice editor just for LaTeX files. And we’ll get into that. Eventually I’ll get into windows too.


January 13, 2006


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Have I been using this for LaTeX? noooo

lazy me

November 1, 2005

Getting LaTeX on OS X (Original Uncompleted Post) hehehe

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Well, on linux it was easy, at least for most distributions it already seemed to be there.

Right now, I’m running Mac OS X (Panther!) and the best thing I heard was i-installer which sounded like a good idea but it took waaaay too long to download and…(I may or may not have been on dial-up then, but my faster internet connection is not much better so…). Thus I resorted to downloading and installingFink and then at

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tetex

and ta! da! i had TeX.

As time went by, I installed other packages I found out about…
Well, then I needed an editor and I guess one could use TextEdit…or the command line emacs but…why when there’s AquaEmacs or EnhancedCarbonEmacs (which I prefer of the two actually)

But better than even emacs (!!!), there’s TeXShop which is a nice little editor that’ll produce the PDF files for you right away (after all, what am I going to do with postscript?)

Shubh Divali or Happy Divali

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(since I’m not too sure what shubjmeans, ooo just googled, possibly Good or Lucky or something like that!)

October 31, 2005

My Latex Blog

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Well, it’s not much really and it’s not intended to teach anybody because I’m quite latex-ignorant but I’m teaching myself and I figure I can store things related to my quest for latex knowledge here.

Like that obscure search for some mathematical symbol…and so I don’t have to search for it multiple times.

Like my search for placing code in my files in a better way than verbatim.

And maybe when I finally truly understand headers I can explain here to me.

Hmm..not sure where post 2 is…

October 30, 2005

It’s almost November

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I guess for some that means Hallowe’en.

October 28, 2005

Another post. I am trying this one because…I couldn’t see my post last time, it’s a copy tho!

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where’s my post?
okay repasting it, and i’ve turned off the rich text editor which i instantly hated.

Here I’ve been, unsure of *where* to buy computer parts in Trinidad, mainly because I just didn’t want to drag myself to town, or to the environs of my dad’s work, or down south…lazy? maybe, but isn’t it nice to have a place to go to that’s close to home?

And one of the few places with a website online that actually lists prices unfortunately seems to be in port of spain. I used to think, for some reason, that they were in San Fernando. (POS being the capital and sort of to the north of the island, and San’do being a major city, next after POS? and sort of in the south of the island). Anywayz, there was I leaving my new bank and the plaza in which it resides and as my mom was driving I was trying to call my dad, facing her and i was like…ack! what’s that? I didn’t know they were there. it’s the store. And my mom says they’ve been there for maybe 2 years or so (but did she ever mention it to me whenever I was trying to figure out where to buy stuff…nooooo…and when I mentioned I didn’t want to go to a specific place close by).

So, there’s a computer store…one I mightn’t mind goin…in the same compound as my bank, behind my post office, where we go make groceries…where pizza boys and vie de france is (breakfast!!!)…and did i know??? no i didn’t. You know…they should say where they’re located on their website. Needless to say this is *very* close to home.

Mom says maybe I didn’t notice because we don’t usually leave from that entrance and I’m not usually on the phone facing that direction. It’s a nice try. I’m glad she didn’t say well it’s because you’ve slept through all of last year. But her explanation doesn’t work because if we sometimes enter there, I should’ve seen it…

Anywayz, I’m thinking maybe they were a different computer store.

Oh well, I can go visit. Maybe I can go buy parts at a rate of US$1 = TT$10 instead of the exchange rate of US$1 = TT$6.30. Might seem a big difference but when you factor in the convenience of running back to them and saying I don’t think that motherboard you sold me works…

October 26, 2005 hosted blog

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just putting stuff here so it won’t look blank

Hello world!

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